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Batoff’s Garage Doors in Philadelphia, the Main Line and surrounding counties provides garage door spring repairs for every type of spring, including torsion and extension. We also offer door maintenance to extend the life of your parts and keep them working smoothly.

Extension Springs

Batoff’s Garage Doors also replaces extension springs. If your garage door is squeaking, not only is that sound annoying, it indicates that you should have your springs replaced. Repetitive opening and closing leads to wear and tear of extension springs. Regular maintenance of your garage door will keep it running smoothly. Extension springs are found on most garage doors and since they hold so much tension, trying to install one with a professional can be dangerous. If your spring is visibly warped or your door doesn’t close easily, the spring should be replaced. From pulling down the manual safety release to installing the new spring and testing it, our professional team can get your door working smoothly again in no time.