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Batoff’s Garage Doors in Philadelphia, the Main Line and surrounding counties provides garage door spring repairs for every type of spring, including torsion and extension. We also offer door maintenance to extend the life of your parts and keep them working smoothly.

Spring Replacement

Garage door maintenance is essential. Literally, many moving parts come together in a well-functioning overhead door. Garage doors are counterbalanced by means of a spring assembly. When these springs break (and they do), it can trap your car or truck in the garage. Without a functioning spring system, lifting the door can be difficult or impossible. If this happens, do not use your opener. Garage door openers are designed to work with a counterbalanced door and not to lift the door’s full weight. Batoff’s includes a 25-Point inspection/correction with every service visit, including inspecting the springs. Have the peace of mind knowing that the largest moving object in your home is being serviced by a qualified, certified professional.